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Quality Production Improvement
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General information


   The article is to be prepared in English or Polish language.
   Text of the work should be prepared in Word editor for Windows operating system. Capacity: 6 to 18 pages  (including abstract, tables, figures, footnotes and literature).
   The article should be prepared according to publication preparation guideline.
   The authors guarantee that they have the appropriate authority from their employers and/or funding agencies to publish the work.

Submission of papers
  1. Author(s) should submit the manuscript(s) by e-mail:
        In case of any questions or problems, please do not hesitate contact (e-mail:
  2. Each submission should include:
    - the manuscript (DOC and PDF files) in the correct format according to Publication preparation guideline.
    - the scanned Declaration (signed by all authors) that the paper was not previously published,
    - the scanned License to publish (signed by author(s)),
  4. Submitted article should be completed, with figures, tables etc.
  5. When fragments of other publications (figures, tables, etc.) are  being used, authors are obliged to gain consent necessary for their  usage in the article.
  6. The Editor reserves the right to make editorial changes in the text.

Publication preparation guideline
Download DOC
Download DOC

Copyryight transfer statement
Download DOC

Editorial rules:

A manuscript submitted to QPI journal is subject to a preliminary verification by the Subject, Statistical and Technical Editors.
Taking  into account standards determined for scientific magazines  by the  Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the zweszyty naukowe  Quality.Production. Improvement Editorial Board introduces the following  principles protecting  against ghostwriting and ghost authorship:
  • The  Author/Authors  of an article are obliged to reveal the percentage  share of all the  individuals in the making of this article (including  their affiliation  as well as contribution i.e. information on the  authorship of concepts,  assumptions, methods etc. used while preparing  the publication). The  principal responsibility for that lies on the  Author who submits the  article for publication.
  • The  Author/Authors of the  article are obliged to inform the Editorial  Board about the source of  financing the article and the involvement of  other institutions,  societies or economic entities in financial and  substantial support as  well as in providing access to data, documents  and information.

Publications ethics

Statement on Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice
Quality. Production. Improvement Jouranl is a peer-reviewed journal.  The  following statement spells out ethical behavior of all parties  involved  in the act of publishing articles for this journal (the Chief  Editors,  the reviewers and the authors).

Duties for Editors
1.  Based on the  review report, the Editors have the right to accept or  reject the  manuscript, or can send the same for the modification.
2.  The Editors  must ensure that each manuscript is an original work.  After passing  this test, manuscript is then forwarded to two reviewers  for blind  peer-review. Each of them will make a recommendation to  accept/reject or  modify the reviewed manuscript.
3. The Editors must ensure that each manuscript is reviewed for its intellectual content.
4. The Editor musts ensure that information regarding the manuscript is kept confidential.

Duties for Authors
1. Authors must guarantee that the manuscript has not been published elsewhere.
2. Authors must guarantee that the manuscript is not being considered for publication elsewhere.
3.   Authors must guarantee that the manuscript has been submitted with the   full knowledge and approval of Institution given as the affiliation of   the authors.
4. Authors must guarantee that they have written entirely original work.
5. Authors should, also, provide all data related with their manuscript.
6.   If the work involves chemicals, procedures or equipment that have any   unusual hazards inherent in their use, authors must clearly identify   these in the manuscript.

Duties for Reviewers
1. Reviewers should be kept confidential all information regarding to reviewed manuscript.
2.   Reviewers must ensure that authors have acknowledged all sources of   date used in the research. Any kind of similarity between the  manuscript  and other published paper, must be immediately brought in to  notice to  the Editors.
3. Reviewers should express their views clearly with the supporting arguments.
4.   In case, the reviewers feel that it is not possible to complete the   review process on time, must inform the Editors immediately, so the   manuscript could be send to any other reviewer.
5. Reviewers should tell the Editors if there is any conflict of interest in reviewing of the paper.

Manuscript’s qualification / rejection criteria

A review form (online, login required) is available on the website of the journal. The review must end with an unambiguous conclusion of the Reviewer regarding the to the approval of the article for publication or its rejection. The reviewer can specify in the review form whether the article should be:
  • published without revision,
  • published with minor revision,
  • published with major revision,
  • re-reviewed again after revision,
  • rejected.
If there is a need of revision, the author(s) is obliged to correct the text, introduce additions and changes required by the Reviewers. After the revision, the Editors decide about manuscript’s publication.
If the Reviewer in the review form indicated that the manuscript after the revision should be re-review, the manuscript after authors’ correction is again subjected to the review process by the same Reviewers.
In the case of one negative review, the Editors choose a third Reviewer. In the case of two negative reviews, the manuscript is rejected.

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